Augenstein Design is a design office located in Bavaria/Germany. 

Products for the daily use are designed and developed here for years. From the beginning the focus is on children toys and playthings of all product categories and age groups.

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The design team of dipl. designer Leonhard Augenstein designs and developes unique toy ideas from standalone products to complete product ranges. The design work is based on the market needs of traders and clients and of course on the whishes and dreams of the target group, the children. 

Creativity, market orientation and feasibility are not contradictions, but form a synergetic unit that grows successful products. Over the years the team of augenstein design evolved methods and work processes which allow them to commit on the clients different ideas and requirements and help them to succeed - of course under consideration of all saftey standards and norms like EN71, etc.. 

Creative processes, arising from the cooperation of manual and digital techniques, from the sketching phase through model making to finished 3D-data, are the service package that results in something new.

Creative input for the product designs of augenstein design is also the knowledge and the long-term experience about what kids like, what catches their interest and what is beneficial for their development.

To the manufacturing clients of augenstein design it is very important that toy design:
  • is optimated for serial production
  • differs from the competition on the market by a self-contained styling and in a positiv way for the specific label
  • is competitive in general
  • is conform to pedagogic standarts
  • let children`s eyes sparkle with joy

Besides concept developement and toy design augenstein design also offers marketing design to it´s clients: advice on technical details, marketing questions, distribution strategys and to the entire appearance of a company (CI).